The First Consultation

The patient will be received with an emphasis on confidentiality.
The secretary will elaborate a file including the letters, if any, from the referring practitioners.

1st Consultation :

1 - The surgeon does not deem it necessary to practise surgery: 

2 - The surgeon deems it is necessary to practise surgery, the stages of the caretaking will be the following:


The secretarial staff answers all your questions, reassures you and provides you with all information concerning the surgical intervention. 

The stages of the surgical caretaking until the entry into clinic


What the patient can do to optimize the odds of success of the operation to come

Entry and stay in the clinic







Leaving the Clinic


The exiting medical file will be given and explained to the patient the day before departure. The operation and hospitalisation reports will be sent to the attending physician at the same time the patient leaves the clinic.

For patients who need a convalescence period in a reeducation centre, the clinic will take care of administrative requirements and conditions of transfer to the centre.

The post-op follow-up

The appointment for the post-op consultation will be made according to the type of operation undergone.

Systematically, the practice will contact the patient one week after his return home to make sure of the good evolution, the good understanding and the execution of the post-op needs.

The Darcy Orthopedic practice recommends that the patients who have a prosthesis go for a clinical and radiological check-up on the anniversary date of the operation and then every three years (this check-up can be done by the family’s GP).

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