Our endeavour : Giving our patients safe operations

To undergo an orthopedic surgical operation so as to obtain more comfort and less pain is also to accept the risks inherent to any surgical procedure. Among the risks entailed, the risk of infection is the one which most patients worry about.

The improvement of techniques, the shortening of the duration of operations, a better knowledge of the microbial flora and a better effectiveness of the antibiotics therapy have significantly reduced the risks of infection in orthopedic surgery. Can the surgeon and the patient contribute even more to reducing the frequency and the seriousness of infectious complications?

An example of the surgeon’s behavior at the Darcy Orthopedic Practice to reduce the risks of infection:




How can the patient act preventively to securise his or her operation?


We make a reminder of some requirements or common-sense behavior to be respected in the days preceding the operation so as to reduce the risks of infection:








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